AURorA Vibrational HOME Spray


AURorA Vibrational HOME Spray!

Jewelled Expressions


Highly concentrated premier Essential Oils, infused in Himalayan Pink Salt

‘Miracle’ Elite Shungite (Nano) Water

Zero-Point Water


Vibrationally attuned, Crystals

Attuned Elementals – Koshi Chimes: Aria, Ignis, Aqua, Terra &


300ml large clear glass bottle so you can see natural components and liquid light infusion of shimmering Gems… x

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AURorA Vibrational HOME Spray!

Jewelled Expressions ™

This is my ‘Signature Scent’ combining evocative elixirs of premium Essential Oils (many organic) – to cleanse, clear and rejuvenate your Home and Sacred Space..

This is finest alchemy blended uniquely for you allowing for symbiotic harmony to flow throughout your home.. Therefore, each blend will smell differently and comes loaded with pure ‘frequency, vibration and resonance’ from 7th Higher Heavens..

I choose Crystals in vibratory alignment to you which are placed in the bottle, infused with evocative elixirs of Essential Oils and when shaken emit wonderful ‘chime sounds‘ and magically clears space!

‘Miracle’ Shungite Nano powder is infused into pure spring water or distilled water and left for several months to generate quantum.  Shungite has the unique ability to clear EMF interference, negative frequencies and refresh soul and spirit.  I adore Shungite, it’s vibration is that of a good, old friend!

I then attune with Koshi Chimes (and other instruments) attuned to Elementals of Aria, Ignis, Terra & Aqua to activate beautiful, comforting frequencies of True Light Aurora Borealis which ‘silently’ plays beautiful harmonies to comfort, soothe and refresh throughout Aura and Sacred Space.

To hear a sample of Koshi Chimes, please listen to STARDUST below:

Koshi Chimes, are quite simply heavenly and clear stale, old energy, bringing the powerhouse and wisdom of Elemental Kingdoms into your sacred space with each spray of the bottle.

I refer to AURorA Vibrational Home Spray as ‘Zero-Point’ Water” as it is infused in the ‘still-point’ frequency, vibration and resonance of love, being able to magnetically clear and distil negative energy and align all to this.  Ultimately this ‘House Purifier and Fresher‘ has the remarkable ability to make one feel quite lovely and infuse a sense of safety & belonging.

It can be sprayed into cupboards and ‘dead light’ spaces to spruce energy and leave a beautiful, evocative resonance.


Cosmic Tip:  When 2/3rd’s of bottle is used, simply top up with pure Spring Water and you get another round…. 🙂  It will be less concentrated but the essence will remain and still smell lovely, also Zero-Point Water is eternal…

*Although I use ‘Shungite Water’ which is a phenomenal natural ‘anti bacteria’ component, I only use natural ingredients, so if after several months of non-use algae appears around the Crystals and natural components, know this is perfectly natural and you just need to thoroughly clean the bottle and leave the Crystals to soak in a little salt water overnight and they can be used again?  Simply discard the natural components…

To avoid this, we suggest to use within 2 months of purchase!

A cloudy sediment is also natural… 🙂

* These are high quality clear bottles, however, occasionally the Spray Dispenser can get clogged and stop spraying, simply run under hot water for a while to clear the funnel.




to release Chrystal Chimes & thoroughly mix-up Essential Oils…


KEEP AWAY FROM CONSTANT NATURAL SUNLIGHT! (However, you may leave in Sun for just 5 mins and it will give the Crystals & Essence a vibratory Top Up! 🙂